Falling asleep in the dentist’s chair!

Last week I had the joy of going to my least favourite place in the world… the dentists!  A place I used to love as a kid has now changed into my single most hated place in the world!  Needless to say I was back for a problem.  A baby tooth (that is a dental miracle in that no adult tooth sits behind it!) need another filling.  The only thing holding it together now is the fillings that fill the interior of it!

To calm my nerves I went in a little early armed with newspaper however was taken by a May 2010 copy of National Geographic.  In particular a story about sleep took my fancy and managed to take my mind off the impending torture!

According to NG only one in five teens get the optimum nine hours of sleep on school nights.  Needless to say those at high school earning C grades of lower get less sleep than those reporting better grades.  The impact of sleep depravation was brought home back the claim that staying awake for 24 hours (which some students do) causes and impairment equal to three shots of whisky in one hour.

The story and stats within it came to mind when the Scotsman carried a story highlighting research linking sleep depravation to child obesity.  

Two things are apparent to me this week.

1.  Sleep depravation continues to cause problems for children.

2.  Next time I go to the dentist I am going to ask if I can be put to sleep!


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Educator, writer, speaker and leader. Views are my own and not those of the organisations I work for or represent.
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