Royal Society of Edinburgh Young Academy of Scotland

It was a great honour to be inducated as a member into the RSE Young Academy of Scotland.  This group brings together academics, artists and business interests to look at solutions to some of societies problems, challenges and opportunities.

I hope to post more on the work of the group.  Meantime it would be fair to say that the first meeting filled me with optimism given the energy, innoviation and drive of the 68 members who were led through discussions by Kenneth Roy and Shami Chakrabarti.  The Academy is the first of its kind in the UK.  Other such institutions exist in Germany, Sweden, The Netherlands, South Africa (Science Academy) and Pakistan (Science Academy).  My own views were that we need to make sure that the group is not just a consent organisation, or indeed blocker of change.  This group has the potential to be an agent of change and a body for positive good in our ever turbulent and changing society.  As such I cannot wait for our second meeting in December.  At this meeting the formal structures will be drawn up and plans made for up to 2014.

The vision for the RSE Young Academy is as follows:


The Vision

1 The economic,  social and cultural vitality of any country relies heavily upon  stimulating and attracting engagement of the talented and creative  members of the rising generation to refresh and reinvigorate its  technical excellence and cultural and political energy. They are crucial  to a country’s capacity to take bold, imaginative and principled action  in the face of challenging future perspectives. It is for this reason  that the Royal Society of Edinburgh is creating a Young Academy of  Scotland drawn from the younger generation of researchers, scholars,  business people and professionals who will provide the talent and future  leadership that the country needs. The Academy will present an  opportunity for this talented group to interact across disciplines and  occupations and become a more integrated part of the community of  decision makers, opinion formers, funding bodies, national institutions,  the public and the media within Scotland, the UK and internationally.
2 The Academy will be part  of a growing movement by national academies across Europe to establish  Young Academies and it will be the first in the UK. As Scotland’s  national academy, the RSE can offer unique provision for its Young  Academy with:
the opportunity to provide inputs that will enrich opinion forming and decision making across a broad intellectual latitude;
support from a large range of recognised experts in Scotland through its Fellowship;
established channels to provide highly respected independent advice to Government;
direct links with sister academies throughout Europe and elsewhere.
3 The Academy will set its  own agenda and determine its own processes. It will be supported by the  resources of the Royal Society of Edinburgh in creating opportunities  such as those highlighted above.
4 In particular it will:
Create a strong voice for younger researchers and professionals to address important issues both in their own specialist areas and in  matters of more general concern – a voice that is helped to resonate in  places where it might have influence.
b) Operate as a discussion forum that is primarily directed towards having a significant influence on  circumstances and strategies that are important for them in the domains  within which they work, such as the priorities of the research councils,  the career opportunities for young researchers and professionals etc.

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Educator, writer, speaker and leader. Views are my own and not those of the organisations I work for or represent.
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