Price changes, Murdoch does not

Price Changes Murdoch Does not.


I am off course speaking about the issue of the Sun on Sunday today.  I know many will be horrified to think that I have purchased the paper but intrigue got the better of me.  When I talk about the price I am not talking about the cover cost of the paper but a surprisingly insightful article by Katie Price.  This was however about the only part of the paper which caught my eye and would encourage me to buy it again.  Despite this Price’s article was worth the purchase alone.


So what was it that attracted me to Miss Katie Price?  ‘Kids need love… not posh school’ made some bold statements about our education system and society as a whole.  In particular I was taken by the following:


“There might be a few schools and teacher around the country who need a kick up the backside- but if you ask me, it’s parents who need to take responsibility when their children aren’t doing well.  Of course people in charge of the country should keep in trying to improve schools and hire the best people who can stretch the bright kids and help the slower ones.  But on the whole, the state system can teach kids a whole lot about life.”


She later goes on to say, “There are more bad parents than bad schools”. 


It seems Price has hit upon some major issues in education just now. 


  • Firstly how do we raise standards within and outside of schools to ensure the best outcomes for our young people?
  • How do we spread nurturing approaches within our schools and what control do schools have to help spread that ethos in the family home?
  • Is it the state system or life itself which best teaches us the lessons of life?
  • What should we do about ‘bad parenting?’


As always, answers on a postcard….




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