Ideas Without Frontiers goes viral- now on Ebook!

Summer campaign

Never did anyone think that the project, aimed at giving people a voice and stimulating people’s interest in making positive changes in our world, would go international. Two years after the original idea here is the international. As the title says, this truly is….. Ideas Without Frontiers

Not only has the reccently launched hardback proved a great success, but (after high demand) pre publishing orders for the eBook have been massive. The books is now available to buy via the link below and is soon to be made available via Barnes & Noble and iBookstore. Great news for a book that has only been in circulation for a month or so!

Purchase your Ebook here:-
Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.

Purchase your hard back copy here:-
Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

and share access to this book via this short link:-

Contribute to future editions
Please contact me via the contacts page if you wish to contribute and essay to this ongoing and exciting project which brings together some of the most innovative ideas and greatest minds in the world today. Specifications for contributions can be found at the ‘Political Animals?’ tab. Together our ideas can make a positive contribution to our society. Together these ideas will help to challenge the apathy of accepting the world as it is and the problems within it. Together these ideas will re-inject the intellectual capacity that is hidden in modern society behind media celebrities and the barrage of advertising in free newspapers and spam emails. It is time for a 21st Century Enlightenment…… will you be playing a part in it?!


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