conservative (with a small ‘C’) Victory for Saltire in Public Poll

option 1

After three months of voting, coverage in national newspapers website and local newspapers and various twitter conversations (including being ‘trolled’), the vote is over.

Whilst the Saltire came out as the peoples most desired flag for Scotland, a number of other variants attracted attention. With 60% of the votes cast it was not an overwhealming majority. The Original Saltire of Scotland (a black and white saltire) came second with the Lion Rampant following close behind. Designs inspired by the Suffragette movement and the cooperative and international spirit of a Scotland came in fourth and fifth place.

A number of other designs were suggested in this poll and creative challenge. They included a Shetland styled Nordic Cross, a peace flag type saltire and flags I including unicorns and a hybrid of the existing Saltire with a lion rampant.

The low public engagement compared to blog hits was of note with some 762 hits on the article and flag designs mustering some 180 votes. Compared to other polls this figure is perhaps representative of poor uptake and low sample pools despite the high level of public debate and discussion. The 23% engagement rate hopefully will not be repeated when the nation goes to the polls tomorrow. But will as Salmond be leaping tomorrow? Will Scotland show a similar conservatism in referendum votes? From this poll the salmon inspired design sat lowest in the league tables.

What will will be interesting to note are people’s perception on our past, present and future from tomorrow. Meantime, the Saltire still flutters in the wind over a Scotland as the country decides.


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