Flags Unite A Nation

black saltire

Today sees a victory for one campaign and a black day for others. In a public creative challenge about the flag of Scotland, the core purpose was to unite people in thinking about Scotland’s past, present and future.

The first paragraph read

Margo MacDonald’s passing and funeral clearly showed that she desperately wanted a’ unity of purpose’ for Scotland and ‘an end to the palpable air of bitter antagonism’. Today’s Scotland on Sunday backs up her view, with its ICM poll showing that almost two fifths of those surveyed believing that Scotland will be left ‘badly divided’ after the referendum vote. No one wishes for divisions- there are plenty of them in this world as it is.
One way in which nations and people unite is through common purpose and a common past. Many nations find that through the creation of an army, a police force, an education system and a flag they find that unity. However, that unity can only be superficial, especially when imagined communities are established. That is why a rethink about many of the things that make us Scottish might help us to better understanding our past, articulate our offering at the present and move forward positively and collectively.

Now that the referendum is over and the saltire has been held high, left in gutters, well used and worn- is it further time to rethink the flag and would this help unite a country in thinking, process and outcome? One thing is for sure, with 84.% taking part in democratic process and millions expressing views in country wide discussion! there is a new appetite for engagement which has not been seen for decades.

option 2


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