Neil’s November Challenge – #GivingTuesday extension

Dear tweeters

You will see below that I have embarked on four arduous challenges this month in return for supporting four charities. Each week we have smashed the target set. However, now that Black Friday (awful thing!) has passed, I am (as you would expect) going to raise the bar even further! Between now and the end of #GivingTuesday I am going to try and raise over double the £400 made so far for the four charities below. If we can break the £1000 mark I will keep the beard until the RSE Young Academy of Scotland plenary meeting on Dec 14th.. I will probably look like Forrest Gump by then…. But hey ho, all for a good cause. If the figure stays where it is ….my wife will be pleased to have a cleanly shaven husband. If the figures hits £1000 overall….four happy charities before Christmas.

See the email below and thanks for your support…. Sincere thanks to those who have supported already!

Best wishes


Dear Twitterati

This month Neil McLennan has embarked on a No-Vember a Charity Challenge.

No-shaving. I will continue to keep this facial growth until December in return for donations to charity.
No-beer. Having missed October’s dryathalon, I am going to do it now in November. Again, to keep me off the booze can you guys please keep to fundraising targets?
No-Facebook. This is going to be hardest. (I will keep to a weekly check in re facial growth, some quick updates and to keep promoting these fab charities).
No moaning- we have enough negativity in the world so a month of being happy with our lot is my target.

To help keep me off Facebook and filling your walls with endless education chat; to keep me from drinking, shaving and moaning can you help raise a whopping amount each week for some great charities?”

Each week Neil’s donors has hit the £100 target within days and even hours. In this, the final week of his challenge he is hoping to double the donations for each charity making it £200 in total for each one and even try to break the £1000 mark overall.

Neil is looking for your help to support Friends of Anchor (cancer care and research charity), The Compassionate Friends (support for families who suffer a child bereavement), PoppyScotland and the Samaritans. The links for each charity are below, please consider donating to help some of great causes.

Each week Neil has received support and backing from some other bearded figures who have “checked in” and confirmed Neil’s beard growth. A few updates are attached to the links.


Actor Jason Isaacs does the beard check-in at a Theatre of War / Glenart event (more of which in next blog post) at The Great Hall of Edinburgh Castle tonight.

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