I am available for external consultancy as long as the work does not have a conflict of interest with my current employer.

Previous consultancy work has included project management, coaching/mentoring and media work.  I am keen to enage in any work which aims to further develop the skills of learners or the workforce. 

Some of my most recent consultancy work includes working with and advising:

  • Scottish Training Federation (regional events) 
  • Royal Society of Edinburgh (Education Working Group)
  • Aberdeen College  (Enterprise Hub)
  • EUROCLIO (Expert advisor and trainer)
  • Interview panel member for Moray House School of Education PGDE for a number of years.
  • Interview panel member for multi-national oil company recruitment process.
  • Interview panel member for leading third sector organisation recruitment process.

Below are some of the recommendations I have recieved on LinkedIn from previous partners and employers:

“Neil is one of a kind – multi-talented with great inter-personal skills. He has worked with STF to provide a series of inspirational workshops which were very highly commended by all delegates. I am looking forward to working with Neil again at the STF Conference in September and have no hesitation in recommending him.” April 7, 2011

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

1st Colin Dalrymple,
hired Neil as a Training Federation in 2011, and hired Neil more than once

“I met Neil at a conference where he facilitated a workshop on Enterprise in Education through the Curriculum of Excellence. His enthuasism on this subject is inspiring and is undoubtedly, an extremely focussed individual. Neil is an extremely engaging professional who motivates those around him. A real pleasure to meet such a well informed individual who wants to make a difference to the lives of young people.” March 29, 2011

1st Vicki MacLean, Partnership Manager, Investors in People Scotland
was with another company when working with Neil at Learning and Teaching Scotland

“Neil is a pleasure to work with. He is energetic and also very focused. He has talent to burn, both in strategic and in inter-personal terms. He sees the bigger picture and he can communicate that to others. He is generous in every sense and is someone with whom I really enjoy working. He could bring a great deal to a school or to any other role in education or beyond” March 23, 2011

1st David Cameron, Director, The Real David Cameron Ltd
was with another company when working with Neil at Learning and Teaching Scotland

Neil is a positive and enthusiastic leader with good judgement and interpersonal skills. We have worked closely on a number of education/business programmes and he has always offered sound and honest advice. He is well connected and stays current on relevant topics. He gets things done and is a pleasure to work with.
Lynne Staples-Scott, Corporate Responsibility Manager at BP

I worked with Neil as a colleague and during this time had the opportunity to collaborate with a knowledgeable, passionate and committed professional. Neil is every way an advocate for the value of education and the role it plays in society. Alongside this Neil has an infectious enthusiasm and possesses a rare capacity to enthuse and inspire others. I would recommend Neil without hesitation and commend his qualities as an education professional.less
Ryan Reed, Academic Collaborations Manager at The University of Glasgow

Neil’s outgoing and charismatic personality combined with his ability to “get things done” and inspire people to go with him on exciting journeys into the unknown make him someone you would love to be on, or especially lead, your team.
Morag Pendry, Education Development Manager at Co-operative Education Trust Scotland

“Neil is a highly professional, self-motivated colleague who brings innovative ideas and practice to his work. He manages himself and others in an effective manner but is equally good at working collaboratively. It is always an informative experience working with Neil and he would be an asset to many different types of organisations as his skills are wide-ranging and complementary.” February 15, 2011

1st Kenneth Ferguson, Development Officer, Financial Education, Learning and Teaching Scotland
worked with Neil at Learning and Teaching Scotland

“Neil is an outstanding project manager and communicator whom I’ve had the pleasure of working with over the years and most recently in the Glow project. His leadership qualities and passion for education is there for all to see. Further, his open and friendly style is a great source of support for others and it is easy to see why he works so well in a team environment. A genuine pleasure to work with!” September 21, 2010

1st Kevin Murphy, Acting Sergeant, Lothian and Borders Police
worked directly with Neil at Learning and Teaching Scotland

Neil’s well-established and ongoing enthusiasm for history engaged both students and colleagues. He brought a very personal energergy and enthusiasm to his department, whilst also making a positive contribution to the wider school and building valuable cross-curricular links. His research into the school’s very early (first world war) history and parallel links with Poppy Scotland helped many to appreciate and value our legacy. March 4, 2013

Mike Scott (Business Manager at Tynecastle High School, CEC ) managed Neil indirectly at City of Edinburgh Council

“Neil is a highly motivated educator and manager whose passion for his subject areas is obvious. He is a skilled communicator and very effective at task delivery.” August 4, 2010

1st Leigh Brown, Enterprise Associate, Scotland’s Colleges
was with another company when working with Neil at Learning and Teaching Scotland

“As well as previously having been Neil’s headteacher at Tynecastle HS where he was a highly effective Principal Teacher, I have worked with Neil in the delivery of CPD to teachers.  He is a thoughtful, insightful presenter and an excellent communicator who brings together a practitioner’s practical approaches and the big picture perspective which comes from successful management experience.  His contribution was highly valued by the teachers he was addressing.”

Alex Wood, former Headteacher and now working with Scottish Centre for Studies in School Administration.

Education Author


2 visible recommendations for this position: Edit

“I have worked with Neil for over three years on Poppyscotland’s Education project. Neil is an excecptional partner who goes above and beyond at every step and is incredibly organised and creative. It has been a pleasure to work with him on a project and I am very glad I have had the opportunity.” September 22, 2010

1st Isla Campbell Lupton, Volunteer Development Co-ordinator and Education Liaison Officer, Poppyscotland
was with another company when working with Neil at Various

“Neil is the talented author of several successful education books, published by Leckie and Leckie. As an author he is professional, efficient and a pleasure to work with; he is full of creative ideas and has the ability to convey his passion for history in a way which inspires his readers. He is also the rare author who can meet publishing deadlines!” September 20, 2010

1st Gillian Leslie, Publisher, Leckie & Leckie
was a consultant or contractor to Neil at Various

Curriculum Support Team Leader (History)

West Lothian Council

1 visible recommendation for this position: Edit

“Neil is an inspiring teacher who works well with others to improve the teaching and learning experience of pupils across the age ranges. He was organised, professional and approachable as CST for history and suggested some innovative approaches to improve attainment for various schools in the region.” December 9, 2010

1st Nik Bethune, Teacher, West Lothian Council
worked directly with Neil at West Lothian Council


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