Hello world!

According to Wikipedia a glee club is, “A glee club is a musical group or choir group, historically of male voices but also of female or mixed voices, which traditionally specializes in the singing of short songs—glees—by trios or quartets.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glee_club

This GLEEE Club is similar but mine has an extra ‘E’ on the end. “Why?” I hear you ask.

My GLEEE club stands for something.

There is a revolution going on out there. A revolution in technology, a revolution in learning, a revolution in society. My GLEEE club is similar in that mixed voices are to be given a voice using this platform. However my GLEEE club is specifically aimed at bringing together and sharing (singing about) some of the most enterprising ideas in education.  It is a place where I hope to share my learning journey with some of the best educators in society.

That is why my GLEEE Club stands for:

“Glowing Learning Entrepreneurs and Enterprising Educators.”

I hope to use this site to highlight and celebrate some of the most innovate emerging and effective practice in this field.

Happy GLEEEing!


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