IPEN Feedback

In the summer of 2016 I presented at the International Positive Education Network in Dallas, Texas.  The conference was attended by around 900 delegates from across the world.

My presentation focused on the work of a group in Scotland called the “Pathway Group.”  This group formed to establish a way forward for Character Education in Scotland following the first conference on the matter in June 2015.  A recommendation from the conference was that a group should lay out a proposed plan for the next stages of development.  Their collective work saw the “Lighting the Sparks” report written and taking the same shape as their vision for education- that it should light a series of sparks and be empowering rather than another imposed policy.

Full credit should be given to Gary Walsh for establishing much of the theoretical construct and for his energy and enthusiasm in establishing, developing and maintaining the group.

As a follow up to the IPEN Festival Presentation (which lit a few sparks), I am extending out a series of questions I asked delegates in order to get a larger data set on view and perceptions of education.  Can I ask that you complete the following set of questions with your instant reactions to each statement.  It should only take a few minutes to complete.

Many thanks in advance.  The information will be used to help shape the next stages of development in this area.


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