Various articles, papers, reports, books and textbooks including:-

All of the above can be found on

More information on ‘Political Animals?’ can be found at:-
Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

Future publications include chapters in the following books:-

Launched 15th Febuary 2012 at University of West of Scotland:-

And also a contribution to publication on leadership :-

“Hey Leader… Wake Up and Hear the Feedback” launched on 1st Feburary in the United States of America. This book included contributions from Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey and Neil McLennan!

Full list of publications:

2013. ‘History Education’ in Scottish Education: Referendum
T. G. K. Bryce, W. M. Humes, D. Gillies and A. Kennedy
4, Jul 2013, Edinburgh University Press, ISBN: 9780748645824

2013 Currently editing student guides and textbooks for the National 5 qualifications

2013 ‘History in the making’ report for Scottish Government following public consultation

2013 Currently researching the impact of education on Wilfred Owen’s poetry

2013 Ideas without Frontiers, ed. Neil McLennan (Lulu 2013)

2013 Determined to Succeed: Skills for Success, Murphy & McLennan (Lulu 2013)

2012 Political Animals? 2: Key Issues for Young Citizens, ed. Neil McLennan (Lulu 2011)

2012 “Nuclear War Education” in Teaching Controversial Issues in the Classroom”, (ed. P Cowan and H Maitles) (Continuum, 2012)

2012 “Developing a Leadership Sixth Sense”: Inspiring Ethics and Integrity, in Hey Leader Waken up and Hear the Feedback ed. Eric Harvey (Flower Mound, TX, USA, 2012)

2011 Political Animals?: Key Issues for Young Citizens, ed. Neil McLennan (Lulu 2011). This project is very much so a social enterprise with funds raised from sales of the book being donated to the Institute of Contemporary Scotland for work with their Young Programme which promoted leadership capacity and communication skills in young people.

2010-2011 Wrote Curriculum for Excellence resources for Scottish CND

Active Learning History Course Notes Third Level, A Curriculum for Excellence resource, Neil McLennan (Leckie and Leckie – 30 Jun 2010)

Active Learning History Activity Book Third Level, A Curriculum for Excellence resource, Neil McLennan (Leckie and Leckie – 30 Jun 2010)

A Very Special English Teacher: Wilfred Owen and the Lost Boys of Tynecastle High School, Neil McLennan, Western Front Association Journal (“Stand to!”), No. 88, May 2010.

Standard Grade General/Credit History Practice Papers for SQA Exams, Neil McLennan and Bruce Jamieson (Leckie and Leckie 15 Jul 2009)

2007-2010 Wrote and project manager PoppyScotland online education resource.


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